Principal D.P.Joshi Public Library

Principal D.P. Joshi Public Library was opened with the generous donation of Shri Jyotasnaben Joshi & Smt. Ushaben Jani. The library houses more than 25,000 books and 80 magazines and newspapers. We also have separate sections for women, children, and audio-video material.

The library hosts a number of activities to cultivate the habit of reading among students. The library arranges book exhibitions based on various themes every month. It also holds lectures of eminent writers and poets. It arranges “Reading workshop” periodically. It provides books, journals and magazines for more than 88 rural schools of School on Wheels program. The library encourages the research work and arranges to get required educational content from other resources if required.

This library is open for general public. If a member of the public would like to have the privilege of checking out materials, then he/she will have to become the member. Students of Sister Nivedita School also have the privilege of using the library's facilities, including the ability to checkout materials, free of cost.

On the first Wednesday of every month, the library also organizes "Granth Gosthi" or the book lover’s club meeting. An author, poet or the creator is invited to present the gist of the book and present the heart of this precious creation and the emotions that inspired the writer. Sometimes, participants assemble and discuss the books that they have read and have been highly impressed by the content. Any participant is allowed to present and explain the content in brief based on the books, VCD/DVD, movie etc. from all around the world. The aim of the book lovers’ club is to enrich all the participants with valuable knowledge and as many good books as possible.