Sister Nivedita School on Wheels

In 1994, the ‘School On Wheels’ project started with the vision of empowering rural schools and educating children in marginalized areas. The program started with one school bus that travelled through the interiors of the districts of Gujarat bringing training to the teachers, exposure to the children and innovation to the principals of the schools. Today, School On Wheels has reached out to thousands of children across several villages, trained hundreds of teachers, built infrastructure in many schools and changed the lives of millions of villagers.

School On Wheels currently works with 88 village schools in 53 villages across 3 districts in the state of Gujarat, India. In these schools, the issues of education are addressed in a holistic manner, looking at all possible gaps that need to be plugged. This involves working with all stakeholders in the ecosystem – the school administrator, the teacher, the parents, the village community, the government officials and, the children themselves.

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