Scholarship and Loan

Scholarship grant for girl students, up to standard 12th, And “Educate to Graduate”, higher education interest free loan scholarship with help of Share & Care Foundation, USA, to all needy students.

We believe in making education sustainable and long-term. One of our biggest successes has been to control the drop-out rate of adolescent students, especially girls, from schools. Many of rural students do not have the means to continue further studies after primary school (Grade 8). Also, most of the high schools and higher education institutes are in bigger towns and urban areas and hence, students need to leave home and pay for accommodation to live and study in towns and cities. This becomes a financially unviable option for the parents who are economically backward and are not able to afford such expenses.

To make education long-lasting, especially for girls, Sister Nivedita Educational Complex instituted the Scholarship program at the time of “Amrut Mahotsav” celebration of the founder Smt. Ushaben Jani that provides financial reprieve to girl students to some extent. The Scholarship program is for girl students who pursue high school education up to standard 12th. These scholarships are awarded on merit based on one’s performance in the examinations.

Till now, Sister Nivedita Educational Complex has awarded 1847 girl students with scholarships worth Rs.99.32 Lakhs.

To provide support for higher education to boys and girls both, we instituted the interest free Loan program sponsored by Share & Care Foundation, USA that allows them to borrow some funds towards their higher education and repay it in instalments, usually after they start earning. This has been one of the most empowering programs as more and more students find it extremely difficult to pursue higher education due to very high educational expenses. Till date, Sister Nivedita Educational Complex has given interest free loans worth Rs. 2.46 Crores to 322 students.