Sister Nivedita Continuing Education Centre

Sister Nivedita Educational Complex believes that education is a lifelong process. Continuing Education Centre is a centre for providing life-long education, a centre to provide alternate employment opportunities for those who have not received complete education or formal education.

It aims to train people and provide them with skills that make them self-sufficient and capable of gaining employment or starting a business of their own. The concept of continuing education is particularly appropriate in a country like ours where a large number of people have been denied basic educational facilities and even where such facilities exist, large numbers are unable to avail the same because of socio-economic situations. We should therefore provide increasing opportunities for all adults to learn according to their interest and needs and to ensure that every person has an opportunity to develop his talent and is not deprived of facilities on account of his failure to go through the formal education system at one stage or another.

The aim of this centre is:

• To develop and use learning resources from the community as a whole and facilitate learning through experience.

• To transform schools and other such educational institutions into ‘human development laboratories’. Encourage creativity.

• To study the need of the various sections of society and students to develop need based schemes of education.

• To provide facilities to help bridge the gap between the educated and the uneducated.

• To promote innovative education projects

• To provide means for discussion groups, seminars, symposia, study circles, etc.

Following are the activities that have been started at the Continuing Education Centre:

Computer Centre

The computer Centre mainly serves the poor and deprived women to teach them basic computer skills. However, the computer centre is open for all individuals as part of continuing education centre for children to adults willing to learn. The computer centre is equipped with state-of-the-art computer systems, printers, scanners and web cameras. The centre provides 11 different types of course including: MS Office, DTP, Visual Basics and, Internet Surfing ranging from 1 month to 3 months duration. Till date, 1200 students have been trained in this centre.

Institute of Garment Making and Fashion Designing

Institute of Garment Making & Fashion Designing was inaugurated on May 1, 1995. The institute was set up to train middle class women in garment making so that they can earn well. The Institute is furnished with many common half shuttle machines, fashion maker embroidery machines, wool knitting machines and leather machines with motor. The skills imparted at this centre are spread across a wide range of activities like common stitching skills, paper cutting, embroidery and fancy works, needle craft, summer training classes, wool knitting classes and leather bags making training. These courses range from 1 year certificate course to 3 years government course of T.T.N.C. that enables students to become teachers. The institute also awards scholarships to needy women and donates sewing machines to four women every year. More than 6500 women have benefitted from these courses.

Institute of Dance and Music

Learning of dance or music in India is not only about learning an art form in all its complexity and richness, it is also learning about a civilisation that shaped and inspired it. It is about knowing Indian creativity, expression and the cultural and spiritual sustenance of the people of this country. It is also about encountering the unique synthesis of many traditions that reached out to each other creating a repertory of artistic expression that is hard to match.

It is learning to listen to the heartbeat of India. Facilities are available to learn all types of classical and traditional forms of dance and music.

Institute of English

We believe that each student’s English requirement is different and it needs to be addressed in a customized manner. Depending on each student's needs and future plan, we draft individual modules and design a learning plan that will be unique for him or her. Institute of English was started to provide high standards of language teaching at reasonable fees, with students and staff working together to create a friendly and productive atmosphere.

Institute of Karate and Self Defence

Our System improves both body and mind, empower you with a life-saving skill, it s exciting, fascinating and great fun.

Each individual's progress is very important to us - and we recognise that we all have different needs, preferences and calibre, especially girls. In a high stress situation, we are incapable of carrying out techniques that involve fine or complex motor skills. Our techniques are more on real rather than on reel situation. Please note that Self-defence training within our school is highly controlled. The focus is not to hit hard and cause 'damage' to other individuals, however it is to learn self-defence & improve confidence and fitness at the same time as having fun.

Educational and Vocational Guidance Bureau

Educational Guidance is to helping the persons to do better in their studies and to select courses and schools that will fit to their tastes and abilities. It is closely related to vocational guidance, the helping of persons to find the right kind of work. Education can also be defined as the process of becoming an educated person. Earning a graduate degree will help you improve your career, as most careers nowadays require at least a Bachelor´s degree. There are many places where you can find all the support you need and all the sources of knowledge that can help you build a career. Our objective and mission is to help students take a more informed decision and also to let them optimize the choices.

Foreign University Information Bureau

We provide the information related to Foreign University Information by corresponding with the university on student’s behalf and also get information from the citizens visited to our organization from individual country.

Diploma Course in Child Care

The Diploma Programme in Early Childhood Care and Education is a unique holistic package that aims at helping the learner develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary for working with young children (i.e. children up to six years of age) and equips them to organise and manage child-care centres like crèches, preschools, nursery schools, kindergartens and day-care centres.

The specific objectives of the Diploma Programme are to enable the learner:

To develop an understanding about the needs and rights of children with emphasis on the socio-cultural context of childhood;

- To understand the development of children from birth to six years of age;

- To plan play activities for fostering development;

- To appreciate the health and nutritional needs of young children and to be able to evaluate a diet as regards nutritional adequacy;

- To be able to identify common childhood illnesses, take care of the sick child and take preventive measures;

- To interact with the community and impart simple health, nutrition and preschool education and early childhood care and education massages;

- To identify children with special needs, be able to take care of their needs within the setting of the child care centre and take preventive action;

- To gain knowledge and develop skills and attitudes required for working with young children; and

- To set up, manage and work in child-care centres such as crèches, preschools, nursery schools, kindergartens and day care centres.

Home Management Programme – Diploma in Home Management:

Home Management encompasses both - art as well as science of management. Home management essentially deals with different aspects of all house activities. Home Management is not just restricted to nutrition or food, but it also covers subjects such as dietetics, economics, hygiene, clothing, sociology, community living, home decoration, communication, banking, elderly care, child development and family relations. Students, who are willing to pursue his/her career in this field, must have a logical mind along with realistic approach and a balanced attitude. Awareness and consciousness about right diet, lifestyle and health has resulted in students becoming more inclined towards the field of home science. There are lots of career opportunities in this field and it is one of the top career choices made by students.

- It not only empowers housewives to manage their home totally and skilfully, it has opened new avenues and opportunities for students in all fields of life. There are broad arrays of job opportunities in this field such as in pre-primary schools, primary schools, hospitals, welfare organizations and counselling activities.

- It is not easy to manage multirole tasks that need to be tackled by any housewife. It is necessary to have better skills and training in today’s modern and fast changing life. Today’s kitchen also are more technological nowadays, as it is with many other household equipments like, Washing machine, Dryer, Dish washer, Vacuum cleaner, Water filters, Flour mills etc. Even the domestic help who might use such equipment need to be trained and warned for safety as well as correct use.

High education is not required to manage these tasks successfully, but it certainly requires basic education and systematic knowledge, skills and training to take care of all functions and expectations of all family members. Any student with primary school education can pursue this course.

This course of Home management contains various topics as under to especially satisfy this need. Different recipes for lunch, dinner and snacks, Home decoration, House cleaning, Kitchen equipments like, mixer, grinder, oven, toaster, juicer, gas, microwave etc., Other household equipments like, refrigerator, Flour mill, Vacuum cleaner, Washing machine etc., Electronic equipments like, TV, Video Player, Music system etc. Telephonic communications, First aid, Fire extinguishing, Home security, Optimum use of electricity, Child care and Elderly care, Ironing, Gardening, Sewing and repairing, Budgeting and accounting, preliminary knowledge of English and computers.

Working women, Professionals and aged persons whose children might have settled elsewhere in larger cities in India, or abroad need such home managers who can successfully manage entire home. This creates good opportunity and demand for such skilled and trained experts.

There is a large demand from foreign countries of such students who have completed this course.

Sister Nivedita Continuing Education Centre organizes various full days, Home Management Workshops on above topics. Nearly, 80 such workshops have already been conducted till date, imparting demonstration and training by many functional experts in the field benefitting more than 900 women.

Summer Training classes

Do women want to learn only the art of cooking and embroidery these days? Not anymore. The new age woman wants something innovative. Drop into any traditional summer training class for women in the city, and you will begin to agree.

Some of the subjects they are interested in include — 'best out of waste', flower making, cloth painting, table manners, how to welcome guests, how to arrange traditional function, how to decorate walls in ethnic style etc. We organize summer training classes for Women and School Children.

Sister Nivedita Continuing Education Centre has been established as a learner centered training centre, much different from instructional pedagogy. Its aim is to work for promoting life-long education. This would act as an alternative to the close door formal education.