Sister Nivedita School

The first program initiated under Sister Nivedita Educational Complex was Sister Nivedita School. Sister Nivedita School has three educational institutes for different levels of schooling:

(a) Sister Nivedita Bal-Mandir

(b) Gnan-Dip Primary School and

(c) Sister Nivedita Secondary and Higher Secondary School.

We believe in an overall inclusive development of a child which not only focuses on education but also on values, personality development and sensitivity towards environment and society. Following activities are carried out over and above excellent text book teaching as per government approved curriculum.

• For leadership development and social service, the school organizes Road Safety Patrol, Scouts and Guides and Weekly Assembly activity.

• For protection of environment and conservation, the school runs Nature Club or the Eco Club which is affiliated to World Wild Life Fund. As part of the club, the school organizes Nature Camp and trekking in forests. With the help of the Forest Department, a school nursery has been created wherein 1, 00,000 plants are grown and distributed for free to any person or institution.

• The school runs a Hobby Centre where students are trained in painting and craft, photography, interior decoration, elocution, yoga, etc. A number of clubs have been formed to encourage non-academic habits as well like the Stamp Collection Club, Pen Friend Club, Reader’s Club, Literary Society and Gandhi Study Circle.


• Awarded the Best School of Gujarat award in 1991.

• A TV Programme named ‘Rashini Ramat’ for Rajkot Doordarshan was broadcast at the National level.

• A radio programme named ‘Adako Dadko’ of this school was presented with a national award and aired by All India Radio, Rajkot.

• Visit by dignitaries.