Donors & Supporters

We would like to whole-heartedly thank our ardent donors who showed faith in the School on Wheels program from its very inception and have been constant supporters of its growth and spread through all these years.

We sincerely thank the Share and Care Foundation, USA and Asha Vijay Foundation, USA and Jayant & Yogini Shroff Family Foundation USA for being such an integral part of this program and extending their support at all times.

We similarly thank the J. V. Shethia Public Charitable Trust and Young Men’s Gandhian Association for sponsoring Sister Nivedita School on wheels Best School and Best Teachers’ Award.

We are very grateful to “CLSA Chairman’s Trust” for sponsoring Sister Nivedita School on Wheels program as a major donor for two years.

To grow the School on Wheels project even further and to touch more thousands of lives, we now solicit support from more contributors. With your support, School on Wheels can become the next big revolution in India. Please Click Here to find out ways in which you can donate.