Institute Of Quality Education

Benefits of the Project


• Will learn to encourage others innovatively and interactively to achieve their potential.

• Will take up research fellowship and volunteer for exchange programme.

• Would realize importance of continuous training and be prepared for future education and teaching.


• Will be encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities.

• Will initiate group activities in area of interest

• Will give, receive and analyze peer and teacher feedback.

• Will be ready to compete globally.

• Will have better grasp and understanding and not just memorized information.


• Will be encouraged to set good value models.

• Will be prepared to have reasonable expectations from child.

• Will be happy to assist child in overcoming challenges.

• Will be prepared to provide firm and gentle guidance.

• Will understand and accept the necessity of providing quality time for their child.


• Will be trained to select well-qualified staff members.

• Will encourage innovative and interactive teaching.

• Will gather constructive feedback from all concerned.

• Will create and promote proper professional and family atmosphere among staff.

• Will be trained to raise funds using moral tools.

Distance Education:

• Will facilitate proper communication from home and other places.

• Will encourage use of modern tools and technology.

• Will train to utilize internet and social media.

The Institute arranges Seminars, Workshops and courses from among more than 75 topics for teachers, 57 topics for students, more than 20 topics for parents and 20 topics for administrators.